Notes on the HTML format
of the bird lists.

The HTML (basic web site) format is provided because not all birders will have the capacity to read or print the PDF format lists.

Nearly every computer/browser/printer combination should be able to show and print this list.

NOTE that it shows as one long page of two columns. The horizontal bars represent the breaks in the columns of the original document. There were 10 columns in the original document.

Your print out will take 6-8 pages. These web pages can not be made to end at the column breaks when printed because of the way individual computers, browsers and printers are set up.

It you want a clear, easy to read, larger type bird list, that reflects the way your computer is set up, this is for you.

The PDF format (when it is available) has the advantage that it looks and works the same on nearly all computers, browsers and printers. It requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader